Concrete Polishing Services

Take your concrete floors from drab to dramatic with Atlantic Concrete Design’s professional concrete polishing services. Our experienced technicians use specialized mechanical polishing techniques to enhance the inherent beauty and luster of concrete floors throughout New York City and New Jersey.

Let us revitalize the look of your commercial or residential concrete surfaces with our unparalleled polishing expertise.

Why Our New York Concrete Polishing Services Are the Best Choice

When it comes to concrete polishing in New York and New Jersey, Atlantic Concrete Design is the premier choice, thanks to our unmatched expertise, advanced techniques, and flawless results. 

Here is what makes our polishing services unmatched.

Commitment to Affordability

At Atlantic Concrete Design, we’re committed to providing the best concrete polishing services in New York at competitive prices. You can expect affordable polishing with a premium finish.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We use the most powerful polishing machinery available to efficiently refine concrete surfaces, including variable speed polishers and diamond pads.

Highly-Trained Technicians

Our polishing team consists of seasoned experts specially trained in concrete polishing applications. They properly assess and polish floors.

Customized Services

We tailor our polishing techniques to match each customer’s unique needs and preferences, including different gloss levels.

Stunning Finishes

Our expertise and premium equipment enable us to consistently deliver striking, professional-grade polished concrete floors.

Total Customer Satisfaction

We stand behind our polished concrete work 100% and exceed customer expectations.

How Our Concrete Polishing Process Works

Atlantic Concrete Design uses specialized mechanical polishing techniques to transform concrete into a beautiful, durable flooring solution.

Here is an overview of our multi-step process.

We start by assessing the concrete floor to determine the appropriate methods, tools, and sealers needed to achieve the desired finish. Proper evaluation is key.

Diamond abrasives are then used to methodically refine the surface, removing microscopic peaks and valleys. We use a sequenced system of ever-finer grit diamond pads.

As we polish, a densifier is applied that penetrates and reacts with the concrete. This densifies and strengthens the floor while enhancing reflectivity.

Our technicians closely monitor gloss levels throughout polishing. We tailor techniques to achieve the requested finish – high-gloss, satin, matte, or flat.

The concrete can also be stained prior to sealing using specialized dyes to add color. Acid stains or UV-stable concrete dyes are available.

We have a fleet of advanced equipment, including variable-speed grinders, HEPA vacuums, and diamond polishing pads. This enables efficient, flawless polishing.

The end result is concrete flooring transformed to its purest form – smooth, reflective, and elegantly polished. Contact Atlantic Concrete Design to revitalize your concrete floors through our premier polishing expertise.

Where Our Polished Concrete Flooring Shines

The elegance and durability of polished concrete make it a versatile design solution suitable for both residential and commercial spaces alike.

In homes, polished concrete lends a modern, stylish look to spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more. The sleek, low-maintenance finish is ideal for homeowners seeking an affordable alternative to stone, tile, or wood floors. Polished concrete also enhances lighting, making rooms appear brighter and more open.

For businesses, polished concrete offers many functional benefits. Retail stores can achieve stunning, high-gloss floors that catch the eye. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities gain durable, industrial surfaces able to withstand heavy vehicle traffic. The reflective sheen makes commercial spaces feel cleaner and more professional. Compared to vinyl or carpet, polished concrete also simplifies maintenance – saving time and money.

Whether you seek showstopping floors for your New York City loft or need hardwearing surfaces for your New Jersey distribution center, Atlantic Concrete Design can tailor our polishing techniques to fit your unique vision.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Polishing in NYC – It’s Our Art Form!

At Atlantic Concrete Design, concrete polishing isn’t just a service—it’s our specialty. With over 12 years of experience rooted in NYC, we’ve worked on diverse spaces, from Manhattan offices and penthouse apartments to expansive aircraft hangars and sleek car dealerships.

Our portfolio boasts collaborations with iconic landmarks like the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the Empire State Building, showcasing our ability to tackle projects of any scale. We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions that blend functionality with affordability.

Whether you’re in New York City or New Jersey and seek a polished concrete solution that combines beauty with longevity, reach out for a free, no-obligation quote.

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